Premium Lot and Location in Loma Colorado

Since this home was the first to be built on Paseo Roja, the owner was able to choose the most desireable lot in the cul-de-sac.  No neighboring home exists directly to the north side - rendering this a more private residence.   

Enjoy a well-maintained scenic trail system running throughout Loma Colorado for walking and riding bikes.  Access to multiple parks including a dog park, skate park and tennis courts are also here.  

You will find this is also an ideal location just a 5 minute drive from grociery stores, restaurants and shopping. 

Front of home


Located right across from the incredible Rio Rancho Library, soccer fields and Aquatic Center, the home is just down the street from the large McDermott Athletic Center.   

View of Aquatic Center and Library from Backyard
View of Soccer Fields, Aquatic Center and Library from Backyard

View of house from soccer fields
View of house from soccer fields

Aquatic Center
Aquatic Center

Public Library
Public Library

McDermott Center
McDermott Athletic Center

Aquatic Center, Library and McDermott Athletic Center

Best of all, this home is in a friendly, happy neighborhood which we have enjoyed being a part of.



MLS #947569

4 bedroom   |   2.5 Bath  |  2,437 Square feet 

Solar Fireplace  |  Premium Location



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