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Solar System

In October 2017 a high-end solar system was installed by Solar City.  It has significantly cut electricity costs - by over 80%.  Solar systems do take awhile to be turned on, once installed, by the local power company.  However, even though it took awhile it was worth it. 

With so much sunshine and wanting to maintain a nice air conditioned, cooled atmosphere during the hot summer, this has been a great asset to our home.  The cost pays for itself and more in significant decrease in electric bills. 

A solar system insures against additional electricity rate hikes in the future which have been happening and are pretty much guaranteed here in New Mexico.

Price of home includes this nearly new solar system (purchased for over $28k) which has a 20 yr Warranty plus a solar production guarantee of  240,924 kWh (in 20 years).

Solar Company: Solar City (now Tesla)

System Size: 7.965 kW DC

Inverter Manufacturer: Delta

Model Number: Delta Solivia 7.6 TL

Purchased: 3/29/2017 - system turned on 10/27/2017

Purchase Price: $28,992.60

2018 Production: 15,022.2 kWh

Average Monthly Production: 1400 kWh (Summer) 900 kWh (Winter)

Annual Savings on Electric bill: over $2,000 per year



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4 bedroom   |   2.5 Bath  |  2,437 Square feet 

Solar Fireplace  |  Premium Location



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