Kitchen and Dining Room

Open kitchen concept with easy-to-maintain special Corian Counters and Cherry Cabinets.  This kitchen has a large walk-in pantry and great storage.  There is also a convenient side closet for your additional dishes and appliances.  The island counter sits three and offers a large cooking space.  Kitchen has Gas Range and stove, microwave, dishwasher and refridgerator.  

Kitchen with Corian Counters and Cherry Cabinets

Kitchen Appliance/Storage Closet

Kitchen Appliance/Storage Closet

Kitchen with Island Seating

We chose Corian Counters for this kitchen for durability and low maintenance and are happy we did.  

Maintenance and Durability - Corian vs Granite
A few things to consider:

  • Granite should be sealed every 1–2 years to minimize the risk of staining. 
  • Corian never needs sealing.
  • Granite is unaffected by heat of hot pans.  
  • Corian can be scorched by hot pans and requires hot pads.
  • Granite is susceptible to etching from acidic materials, such as lemon juice and vinegar.
  • Corian has no similar chemical vulnerabilities.

Kitchen view of Walk-in Pantry, Refridgerator, oven and microwave

Kitchen over Main Counter

Kitchen Looking at Living Room

Kitchen Looking at Dining Room

Kitchen with Island Seating

Dining Room 3



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4 bedroom   |   2.5 Bath  |  2,437 Square feet 

Solar Fireplace  |  Premium Location



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